Apr 18, 2014

More Soviet armor

Two more KV-1s finished for the Red storm. I figured converting T-34 turrets to resemble the KV-85 would be too much of a burden and as the KV-1's main gun is the same category in my house rules it matters little.

VMC Russian Green was used for the main parts on a black undercoat, then a black wash and highlights were added, followed by some rust sponge patches and pigment on the tracks.

With these I have 4 KV-1s and 2 KV-2s.


  1. You do have a way of making your armour look very, very veteran! What models are these? I have 3 Fujimi KV1A (and 1 ESCI KV1S), and 2 Fujimi KV2s. I too considered modifying T34/85 turrets for the KV85, but it turns out the turret ought to be much more similar to the IS- series. I got a 'conversion kit' from a well-known local guy who makes this kind of thing - basically a turret and a ring to fit a Fujimi hull. I supplied my own 85mm gun from a cotton bud tubing.

    Here's my posting from a couple of years back:


    1. They are made by Zvezda, not sure if there is a 1/72 version. Only Battlefront has a KV-85 model proper so it's expensive. I would have used a lot of green stuff to produce the turret and may try sometimes again, when I have more skill and patience.

  2. really good as usual!
    well done.

  3. Those look nice as a group. I am soooo tempted to paint a tank, but it looks so hard getting all the weathering done, particularly the way you do the treads.

    1. Thank you. Working on large surfaces with a large brush is not the hardest thing and these have plenty of that. Using a pigment fixer then drybrushing the pigment on is easy too, but a more detailed weathering job would be a tad more difficult I suppose.