Apr 15, 2014

Battlefront Grille K

In the arms race to complete my 15mm WW2 forces I wished to acquire a German Grille SPG, so I did. After a long and tedious search I have found one on ebay that beat the manufacturer's price.

The inspiration came partly from playing World of Tanks where the Grille is a handsome little thing. I hope the model won't disappoint.
Thing I noticed is that it's not 1/100 (it is The Official Flames Of War Scale instead, which is closer to 18) so it is larger than the Zvezda/PSC models I'm using. The deal is the same with the Forged in Battle Pak 40s that arrived a little bit later, the kneeling gunners are almost as tall as a PSC plastic figure.

Starting with a dunkelgelb basecoat, black wash, highlights, I added the brown/green stripes and a Sepia wash followed by weathering, a grey drybrush on the hull and pigments on the tracks.


  1. wonderful work!
    i have a Marder (same chassis, different cannon) in 1/35 scale and it's astonishing the detail you managed to put in such a tiny model!
    well done.

  2. Hola
    Es una pasada el camuflaje si señor
    un saludo