Apr 24, 2014

Never submit to an impulse buy!

Suddenly the idea struck me to work on the Fleet Grey - Fleet Green naval project. I have built a map in Hexographer and started working on the 'fluff'. But what is even more terrible, I've got the idea to use land forces, if little in number, to enrich the aspects of the conflict, for which I am going to use Zvezda's WWI Russian (Fleet Green) and German (Fleet Grey) sets, with the Through the Mud and the Blood rule set.

 Fleet Green Banner

Fleet Grey Banner

Area of operations

So today I've visited the model store, purchased two Revell WWI airplanes, a box of Zvezda Germans and an Italeri Italian M13/40 tank box which allegedly has two tanks inside it. Hopefully these latter look odd (primitive is too harsh in my opinion) enough to suit the two little armies. All that is left to be purchased is the Russian infantry and possibly artillery for both sides.

This means the start of a new, hopefully rather short side-project and that my wallet has suffered my bad habits again. Not to speak of the growing plastic pile back at home!


  1. i'm with you: it's hard to resist to such temptations!
    waiting to see you at work on your new material.

  2. Ooh this looks rather interesting, and just my cup of tea! Looking forward to seeing this project unfold. And what do you mean never submit to an impulse buy... we wouldn't have our unpainted piles of lead if it weren't for those

  3. This is blasphemy! We must buy shiny things that catch our eye and we must do it without thinking. I think that's in the document I signed in blood when I got into this hobby.

    Good luck with the new project!

    1. I was smart enough not to sign anything. Hungarians are very careful with that since the Blood Pact of the 970s.