Mar 16, 2014

The T.O.N.K. MBT for the Mordavian Army

The Mordavian army has been experimenting with building its own main battle tank. The super secret project was named T.O.N.K. After initial troubles, an armoured fighting vehicle has been completed. It has a 120mm cannon and a machine gun built in the turret, sloped front armor and gun mantle. It is operated by a crew of five. The only trouble is it's narrow and quite tall.

The T.O.N.K. is made of plastic bottle caps, a pen, a match box, a soap box and some sort of paper from the heap of scratch I have collected. It has been undercoated white, a base coat of VMC Buff, Revell Dark Green and VMA Burnt Umber/VMC Khaki added for camouflage, then an Umber wash and highlights/weathering. The tracks are painted with VGC Gunmetal.
By the way my painting table and shelves are sorted out (Spring cleaning much) and besides finding my long lost pocket knife and a bottle of Sepia wash it is more orderly now.