Mar 20, 2014

More scratchbuilt space vehicles

The previous posts are here: Mining barge; Warship

Cleaning up my room has resulted in finding a ton of plastic and paper boxes. The other important result was organizing my bits into two larger containers, one for bigger and one for smaller pieces. Now I had a lot of scrap, glue and boxes I wouldn't use for 'Jazygia 1996'. 
Bought some metallics earlier and it was high time to use'em. Thus was born this little side-project, the 'build spaceships out of possibly everything' or BSooPE.

Most of these space vehicles are multi-functional. This, for example, can be either a warship or a merchant vessel.

Parts: cardboard, beer bottle caps, the little tripods from pizza boxes. A plastic cap, a piece from a pen.

This is a heavily armored pirate ship with a high bridge.

Parts: cork, beer bottle capst, plastic pen, another piece of pen, lot of cardboard.

The most modern of the five, this is a rocket/command cruiser in a nice greenish blue metal color.
It is made of another bottle cap, a piece of pen, and four dominoes that Tesco used to give away.

Another cruiser/freighter armed mostly with missiles.

Another domino and the box of my old fountain pen was used for this.

The most interesting piece, a warship, possibly a pocket cruiser.

The parts on this were: an old earphone; a cigar box cap; wings from an old plastic toy plane; two winged hussar wings; three acrylic paint bottle caps; two stripes of plasticard; two Pz V Panther hulls from the PSC box I had not used; a gun mantle from the Revell WW2 German artillery box; a rocket from god knows where.

The painting on most have been similar, with a basecoat, glaze, drybrush combo. The glazing was left out on the first (grey) ship and the last.


  1. Nice work I really like the pirate vessel.

  2. really good job!
    they remind me the Gamilons spaceships from "battleship Yamato" series.
    well done.

  3. Very create use of household detritus - uber-recycling! Interesting looking vessels - sometimes it is fun to create a 'class' of similar designs for fleet actions...

    1. Considering they were done with virtually no cost, this sure is a way of recycling. The two larger cruisers could be the 'Signal' class as they are made from toothpaste boxes.

  4. Absolutely stunning, what great fun and great designs too!

  5. They are perfect !!
    very creative work and I like the colours you've used !