Mar 9, 2014

GB Viking Warlord (from the plastic Hirdmen set)

Here we have this 28mm plastic figure, all suited up. He is made from the parts of the command sprue of the GB plastic Hirdmen box. The other figure from the sprue is the guy with the horn from the previous post.

Quite nice pose actually, taunting his enemies.

On the painting. Started with a metallic drybrush on a dark undercoat; glazed these first with black, highlighted again, then came the clothes and face with a little bit of pre-shade highlighting, then a glaze on them, then highlights again. The cloak has had some blending with the blue and the shield a freehand raven on a white background.

Super macro with natural lights.

On the base I put a sword cut in half, two pieces of crystallic stones and a small piece of a root I have found earlier.

I haven't painted anything during this weekend by the way, I'm in the middle of planning how to blow money.