Mar 6, 2014

Fifty Shades of Quick

Another four fierce fighters are finished. These are from the ebay loot I made in December. There are still more than twenty figures just with an undercoat and some work on the chainmail and weapons. Figured I'd rather double drybrush and shade the metal parts first, to not interfere with the clothing and faces later - drybrushing metallics on usually results in the little pigments flying everywhere.

Back on topic, two figures are from the Dark Age Warriors set, of which, sadly, only these two were present. One is waving his lance and the other is in a more defensive position, holding his shield up and axe at the ready.

The other two are obviously Vikings, one holding a battle horn in his right, the other is a berserk, dual-wielding an axe and sword.

Why the title, you ask: well, this time I used black glaze only to shade the figures, which acts, with a little thinner added, as a quickshade. And it is, as I've said earlier, easier to apply and control than a wash, so my guess is this will be the preferred method when producing larger numbers of figures. This is most likely the 3rd or so version of a quickshade I used, and I still had not put my hands on an Army Painter lid.

And also still have not gained much of my painting mojo back since doing the forty 15mm SYW figures for Schultze-Böhnstadt, so I think I'm going to keep up finishing these fellows in batches of four to six, with the exception of the test fig I posted way back and the Viking Warlord whom I couldn't wait to finish.

Shown here is the Viking and Saxon Amateur Actors' Group playing the Death of Magnus Magnusson, a contemporary tragedy.

Next up is the Warlord, then.