Feb 23, 2014

The Cutter 'Archangelus'

Looking for suitable options for some sailing/swashbuckling/pirate gaming, I realized I had no ships around, but a ton of scratch and other crap to build from. Thus was born the cutter 'Archangelus', pride of the fleet. 

I wanted to keep the sails and rigging to a minimal complexity as it is mainly a gaming piece. Otherwise the painting went as usual, with black / umber glazes distributed throughout the necessary parts. 

The hull is thick cardboard, the walls are foam PVC sheets. The intersecting wall is cardboard again; the chest and barrels are from a farm playset I think. These barrels are quite huge but otherwise the ship would fare just as well for 15mm scale. An 1/72 figure is included for scale purposes as this is the scale I want to use her in.

There's even some greenstuff magic on the aft.

The anchor is made from toothpick, matchstick and an axle from the Zvezda GNW Russian artillery set.

The cannon barrels are from Risk gaming pieces, the carriage is cardboard and matchstick.


  1. Fantastic work it looks brilliant and perfect for gaming :)

  2. Amazing work, Andras. Very, very nicely done. Best, Dean

  3. very good piece!
    i'm working to something similar, we had quite the same idea.

  4. That is an inspiring piece of scratch building! Really great work.

  5. Well done. That is a fine looking ship.

  6. Really quite nice scratchbuilt model, sir. Looks great and is table-battleground ready. Enjoy!

  7. Nice indeed...ready for your pirates crew... :-)


  8. Thank us less - and build more! Love the color choices.

    1. It's just a courtesy :) I'm building something else now but the fleet will eventually expand.