Feb 28, 2014

More Schultze-Böhnstadt characters

Colonel Herbert von Plischke: I have used at least 4 layers of red on his vest. The red glaze actually overflowed and got mixed up with the umber used on the yellow parts and buff pants and shirt.  Glazes are, despite this odd nuisance, easier to control than washes.  A simple method to paint the black cavalry boots was found, a medium grey painted on then a thick black glaze added. 

Princeps Erhard Berthold of Jazygia: A singular black glaze added on top of very little medium-tone highlights, then another layer of thinned-down highlights plus white on the white parts, originally painted grey. An Umber glaze on the flesh parts, followed by a 3rd highlight.
The base is more scenic with pieces of balsa wood and two little black stones added. 

Both figures based on large coins; Von Plischke's has had a more rough glazing and so differs a lot in color from the Princeps'.
More photos here