Feb 19, 2014

A Risk to Take - Poltava 1709

In a previous post I have mentioned having plans of gaming the Great Northern War in 6mm. The manufacturer would be Baccus. This is part of a budget and part of a laziness thing. Having little trouble painting 10mm figures, I'd like to try 6mm too. 1/72 plastics are just marginally more expensive, and those are the cheapest I have known so far down to a cash/figure ratio. Another budget factor is tabletop space. I have a small 4x4' table. In the dorm, the studying room can be converted to have more, but is otherwise very plainly furnished (read four tables and a chair the last time I checked). 6mm offers the choice to play large scale in little space. 
Using 6x2cm bases or smaller, a cavalry unit (approx. 4 squadrons) will consist of one Baccus strip, 3 horsemen, and an infantry unit of 2 strips, 8 men. I have not yet considered artillery as the Swedes had an ignorable amount and the Russian redoubts must be armed individually. This changes the original rules only in regard of the cavalry, which would otherwise have 4 horsemen on one base, but it is more convenient to use the strips provided by the manufacturer.

This way, I'm going to need 

28 cavalry, 19 infantry, 1 artillery and 5 command stands for the Swedes, the artillery most likely being organized to single regimental guns; which means 1 command, 2 infantry and 2 cavalry packs in Baccus terms, equaling to a total of 84 cavalry and 152 infantry by the way.

58 cavalry stands, 6 guns, 58 infantry stands and 9 command stands for the Russians, equaling two(?) command, 5 cavalry, 4 infantry packs, which is an I don't want to count it number of figures.

I'm going to start with the Swedes as they are less numerous, then bring up the Russian force on par with them, then experiment further with special rules for the engagement; when that is done, I'll complete the Russian force and fight the battle itself.


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    1. All smartly planned, what I need is the money, hehe.

  2. very good idea.
    to inspire you more, i suggest you the song "Poltava" by Sabaton.
    i think you could like it.