Feb 16, 2014

General von Hohenspitz

Painting details on the figure: you can find the background info and more photos on the Schultze-Böhnstadt blog, which can be accessed from the header menu too.
The figure is cast together with the saddlery, which made painting the horse easier, the figure itself harder. 
I have basically used the 'oil wipe' method with acrylics on the horse. Starting with a white undercoat, I added a glaze of Burnt Umber, wiping off the excesses, then when this dried, another layer of Burnt Umber. The result is, I think, very nice.
The figure was easy to do but I'm not entirely content with the paintjob. I have posted a WIP image earlier, since then I highlighted the whites, added an umber glaze to the face, and worked on the red decorations of the saddlery.
The base is a 2,5 x 5,5cm piece of the venerable ikea box. Evened out with plasticine, painted Dark Earth first, another umber wash added, and drybrushed with a mix of VGC Bonewhite and Dark Earth (about 2:1).


  1. Nice job. I have to admit the horse does look good so do you apply quite a water coat first then just use tissue to wipe it off?

  2. good job, i like the shades on the horse!

  3. Great looking commander, Andras. He looks suitably noble. Best, Dean

  4. Great job on both rider and horse, well done Sir.