Feb 13, 2014

GNW - Artillery officer

Slowly continuing with the 1/72 GNW lot I stripped earlier. This is the officer from the Russian artillery set. I have experimented with more things while painting this figure: namely using glazes and a more scenic base.

With no specific colour pattern in mind, this could be used either as a Swede or Russian, or basically any European officer of the period.

Besides a black wash to the whole figure after block painting, I have added a glaze of Burnt Umber to his face and VGC Magic Blue on the vest which had originally been more of a grey than a harsh light blue. Then the blue parts had a highlight with the original color and some careful blending had been used on the red cuffs and sash. To the wig I added a black glaze for a better definition before highlighting it.

The base has a cartwheel sunken in mud and two rocks, one half-covered in grass. The rocks are made of cork and the wheel is from the same Zvezda set. Painting-wise, I've also glazed this with Burnt Umber (the rocks with black) before a drybrush.