Jan 3, 2014

January Wish List + the robots are at it again

Or more likely the stacking up of the plastic and lead pile.
There actually are a bunch of undercoated Vikings on the painting tray (one test figure painted but not varnished, the rest has gunmetal drybrushed on) and 2 sets of late Romans coming from China, ordered in December,
I'm ordering a pack of Minden figures, personality/command lot.
And GNW stuff, Zvezda.

My venerable lid of Revell Flesh color needs a replacement. Being somewhat old school I'll buy the same type instead of going Vallejo.

I have originally wanted WW2 anti-tank guns for the Germans and USSR but some change will be nice. Most of these will only be painted in February anyway. Being a student, January is exam times for me, and less money comes in Feb. It is sort of a hoarding effect.

PLUS attention to all of you who have used the option that only blogger/google accounts can comment on your posts. The robots have become smarter again. They created google profiles, yes.

If the user has a blog, you can go to this site and report it
You cannot block the user unless it's signed up to the regular followers.
I receive comments from non-followers once and twice so I don't want to change the comment options to members only, nor reinstate Captcha; I will resort to deleting these.