Jan 8, 2014

GNW - Uppland Regiment

I have stripped and repainted my Zvezda GNW lot. The acrylic paint on the cavalry actually takes more abuse from the drain cleaner so I'll need a second run with those. 
I'm still studying hard so in the little spare time I got I have painted only these 12 figures. They represent the under-manned Uppland regiment at the battle of Poltava. The two battalions together had about 600-650 men.
Their colors are the generic Swedish blue and yellow with buff/beige straps and underclothing.

They are based for A Risk to Take, my homebrew strategic game, but as individual figures they're good for everything else including skirmish gaming.

Besides the standard painting treatment, I added black glaze to the blue coats because the color was too bright. It worked well.

There will be more GNW-related painting in the future.