Jan 2, 2014

Zvezda HYW English Infantry

Zvezda's HYW boxes are top quality and while the Italeri HYW (the only other party that can be taken seriously) sets lack a reasonable amount of archers, this set is most pleasing with its 21 bowmen out of 45 figures.
Still the pre-Christmas lot running. I have shown the peasant army earlier, these were finished together with that set, therefore the painting style is similar.

The Revell (Dark Earth, mostly used at the padded leather vests) and VMC/VGC brown (Leather Brown, Buff) and grey (Wolf/Stonewall Grey) colors give a nice natural look. This palette is useful for medieval and TYW stuff.
Command in the foreground with standard bearer, musician and a foot knight. This latter is used as a character in the Kingdom Knights Campaign.

The stakes are part of the set.

We are, according to the diary, 22 days into the campaign (no more than 3 afternoons IRL) and one player has reached level 2. I have invented a couple of specific quests besides fighting the occasional bandits and managing fiefs - including fighting legendary beasts such as the giant catfish or bear, dungeon crawl types like exploring tunnels beneath a monastery and trading/espionage missions. This all will culminate in a war against the neighboring kingdom.

And here's a group of billmen on the other flank.