Dec 3, 2013

Project 'In the Navy': Painted Ships

One can inspect here the paintedly finished fruits of my scratchbuilt work. One fleet has grey color (Fleet Grey) and brown decks, the other has green main hull and grey main deck (Fleet Green). I have painted them while watching 12 Angry Men on Saturday evening, using the same method as with all figures and a bit more daring highlights. 

One of each unit type from both fleets.

 The base is a mix of VGC Magic Blue, Revell Olive Green and some black to make it darker. The grey is VGC Stonewall Grey, the deck is Revell Dark Earth. The green hulls are also Revell Olive Green.

Fleet Grey in battle formation.


  1. Replies
    1. Thank you, this is what boredom, pine wood and some guitar string can do.

  2. Impressive looking fleet! I do like the expressionistic manner of construction and colouring - each vessel having its own unique character. I'm looking forward to reading battle accounts... (which reminds me...)

    1. Thank you. I'll run a test game with my new rules in the weekend.

  3. Those are quite excellent Andrew!

  4. awesome stuff! certainly look the part, they'll be great for naval battles. simple and brilliant always the way to go.