Dec 2, 2013

Caesar Adventurers

This magnificent set travelled the world from Taiwan to me. It has 18 1/72 figures and some diabolical monster which I did not paint. I have painted 15, excluding a dupe of the female ranger and two sword-swinging Bronan the Barbarians, these latter are kind of half naked so I want to add some greenstuff magic to them.

Female department of the Adventurer Co. Painting was standard black basecoat - block - wash - highlight. Working the contrast/brightness in photoshop actually makes them look more decent. Most colors are kind of dull as is expected from a rag-tag band of heroes and heroines.

Here are the four bros, Broromir, Broragorn, Lego Les (a distant relative to Mr Orlando Bloom, an elf who likes to play with legos) and Gandalf the BROwn.

Ver. 2 of Broromir and Broragorn and two more melee fighters, one has some freehand on his shield. Actually the Not-Aragorn pose is kind of useful as a generic medieval mercenary. For the upcoming Kingdom Campaign I have some concerns about the rest. The winged helmet guys could be guards to some high-ranking noble or the king himself. The ladies, though, are not too well dressed. And I just realized I forgot to make a close-up on Bronan the Barbarian #2 with his huge ax.