Dec 5, 2013

December Wishlist & Project Review

Or the Review of the Project Review dating October 1.:
I wanted to organize my head a little and take the occasion to share it here.

Projects mentioned in the previous review:

1/72 TYW/Wars of the Polish Commonwealth: Ouch. Ouch. ModelHobbies. Ouch. And the two boxes of Cossack cavalry I'm working on. I'd like to play some and write scenarios as well.

15mm Ostfront: PSC Russian Infantry painted, Germans partly complete.
For Christmas I'll be receving a box of Panthers and T-34s, with this the armored forces will be nigh complete. Using the PSC turrets I'm going to convert two Zvezda KV tanks to KV-85s, so I'm going to have two T-34/76s and two T-34/85s besides the one already in the army. I'll have to buy another plasticard sheet because I butchered the former for the naval project.
AT guns, one to each side: PSC Zis-3s and Forged in Battle Pak-40s.

1/72 JWI ImagiNations: Nothing done, nothing lost.

Scratchbuilding: I have built those tiny ships which sort of counts.

Not mentioned oder change in plans:

In the Navy, the small scale naval project: 32 ships painted. I'm going to expand the two fleets with carriers, subs and light ships.

28mm Copplestone stuff and the game called Big Game Hunter: This is but a little side-project.

Medieval/Fantasy: the Zvezda Peasant army and Caesar Adventurers bought, latter painted. One or two more boxes (Zvezda English infantry and French knights) and I can make a large-ish game,  plus there is a campaign set.

I have in my possession 2135 figures now, thanks to the 130 figures in the PSC boxes.
It is also likely I will skip this year's Games Day because of studies, but I only wanted a couple of d8s from there. The number of historical games is tempting though.