Nov 29, 2013

A failed campaign and a new one

TYW Campaign map.
The unsettled case with Model Hobbies means my plans to execute a Thirty Years War campaign during the Christmas holiday are ruined. I have sent the fifth letter today and I'm not likely to give up my 30 quid.
Anyway, here are the campaign rules I have worked out earlier, not so secretly inspired by Master Featherstone's War Game Campaigns.

But alas, I must occupy myself with something, so here is another hex map layout for another game.
(mid-click or open in new tab for bigger)
Medieval Kingdom map with surprisingly straight roads.
In this game, the players will take the role of a knight in an un-named kingdom. The map has an opposing kingdom and uncharted territories as well. The players and the referee will have two separate maps, and I might or might not add a 'fog of war' feat, so that players don't know the outlay of the map until they have discovered it.
The knight starts with picking a fief and managing it, hiring underlings and protecting peasants. Each fief will have a main production feat and one type of possible threat. The knights must engage in local politics and support their King if fighting with the other kingdom is necessary.

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