Nov 27, 2013

PSC 15mm late war German infantry, first batch

Here are the magnificent men from PSC. I was out of glue so I started working on the poses which don't need assembly. The German set has some radio operators too, but the standing figures for the LMGs do not wear the MGs, only the ammo belts. 

I determined to finish them quickly on Friday so I can play with them on Saturday. Originally started with 70 but cut the numbers because I thought I wouldn't need that much for a game. I glued them onto cardboard slices, undercoated them black and while they dried I cut up some of that trustworthy ikea box (slowly running out) to 1.5x1.5cm squares for basing. I did not waste much time on detail: first came the uniforms painted grey (boots left black; I usually add a second layer because during the last stages the varnish may remove the single layer), then a very non-detailed paintjob on the guns, backpacks, straps and skin parts. Left it dry for an hour, added a black wash, then another 6 hours and varnished. I glued them on the bases once the finish dried. The basing followed on Saturday morning and in the evening they participated their first battle, faring quite well against the Russian horde.

Organized here to two under-powered platoons of two squads each. 

The smaller scale allows for a much faster work as I have experienced before with the 10mm Risk figures. They could be, however, painted better, even with one layer of highlights added. Yea, I'm a wash guy now.

I'm going to post the AAR later this week.