Aug 21, 2013

JWI Blue Clans line infantry (Revell Nap. Prussian infantry)

New things around, first of all a new, entirely black backdrop. Some movement trays too - more is to come. These trays are for my homebrew ruleset A Risk to Take and can hold a d6 and up to 8 troopers.

There are 40-some figures in the box, I did not paint the mounted commander. Instead of a quickshade I used the Vallejo Sepia wash. Quick and dirty but it seems to be working. The figures were really bad to work with (something PSR doesn't consider very often): the plastic did not take the undercoat well, bent and there were a lot of flash and mould lines. This is the situation with many old moulds. Still the pack of soldiers cost a half of a Zvezda box (because they are apparently worth as much as large their container is).

So these are 40 soldiers altogether (I found four after I finished the first batch and thus I could make 5x 8-men units).

Besides making more trays myself, part of my September expenses will be another box of Italeri/Esci Nappie Russians and plenty enough movement trays to play ARTT in a JCW/JWI setting.

Tomorrow is the 2nd birthday of this blog so I'm off drinking juice.


  1. The black background really shows the figures off well. Looking forward to an AAR when you get a chance and Happy Blogaversary


  2. Lovely job Andrew and very many happy returns to the blog for tomorrow; have a fruit juice for me!

  3. It must be difficult to photograph troops as you need so much space and a large backdrop. The black looks really good.

    Happy Blog Birthday!!