Aug 16, 2013

Scratchbuilding frenzy - the Jazygian Campaign

The house was empty for a week so I planned a massive gaming event, the table was set 24/7 and battles raged to save or capture the mountain land of Jazygia. I could not document the gaming sessions though because the 'good' camera was taken by the family to their trip.

Few words of mighty Jazygia: a sort of Balkanian state, her leader is Ebhard Magnutörk, Great Prince. The country is just after a war with Ahbania to the west and the main armed forces are divided. The aggressor Visigothians plan a combined attack through a bridgehead and a shallow river crossing with boats and whatnot. The bad guys were the Strelets KuK infantry featured earlier. They were stopped at the capital but had some great losses before.

Obviously for an early WW2/1930s setting I could not use the armor and other equipment I had around - time to improvise. I had glue and paper and scratch. So what I put together is:

2 monoplanes
3 armored cars
2 tanks
2 cannons
4 MG pill boxes

The whole lot with figures for comparison

The Alta-Balta APC.

The Magna Jazygia heavy tank.

It's a bit awkward but I blame the paper. The lower parts were of a chinese M113.

Arctus Magnus medium tank.

MG shelters.

Scratchbuilt guns, the Gremlin-A field gun and U-700 howitzer.

Olaf-Benz armored cars of the Mordavian Republic. Clumsy things and not very battle effective.

The entire Jazygian and Visigothian air force fits into this picture, J to the left V to the right.. 
Close-up on the Jazygian monoplane.

At this stage the Visigothian one could still land, now it is mounted to a similar piece of equipment like the Jazygian one.


  1. When you improvise you improvise, great work Andras!

  2. simple and effective!
    very good!

  3. Great! I have just about reconciled myself to scratchbuilding equipments for my own 'Jono's World' armies in roughly 1:48 scale. Toys seem simply unattainable. Not in any quantity anyhow. Aircraft looks better underscale, so I'm sticking with things roughly 1:72 scale for them.

    I've started on 5 4x4 armoured cars based upon the British Home Guard Beaver Bug. They'll be variously equipped with light cannon and machine guns. Kiivar will get these: the Raesharn aggressors will get something a little more powerful: 6x6s, but only 3 or 4 of them.

    I was wondering about wheels for my A/cars and was taken with the clever way you did yours on the APC. I hope you will soon post an action with your vehicles and troops...
    Ion (Archduke Piccolo)

    1. Thank you - I had some cardboard circles from building movement trays earlier, and thought those would make good wheels.

  4. Great modeling!! Enjoy playing with them.

  5. Nice improvisation I wish I had the knack to do this sort of thing.

  6. That takes me back to my youth. We started by making 1/300th scale tanks out of plasticine. What a fantastic reminder and splendid workmanship. It just shows what can be achieved wargaming with a tight budget but ample imagination. EXCELLENT!