Aug 26, 2013

JWI Besberg Uhlans

18x Zvezda figs, originally to be Napoleonic Polish uhlans. The previous painting was with enamels and one of the first when I applied washes effectively (made some vain attempts before with oils). 
The figures are neat and paint up rather well. The same can be told about horses. I painted all a brown-ish color (still not entirely clear on the terminology of horse colours).

Painting was the now usual method of black undercoat, block painting, Umber wash, highlights, finish, basing. The bases are still from the defunct ikea cardboard box.

What I'm really not enjoying about the thing is the photos, here's hoping the blogger photo viewer will do them good.

The blue clans or Xlanniq Besoen in the JWI setting field a very manouverable army, the bulk of it made of troops what others consider light. Their field guns and mounted artillery are of age but serve well. I'm nearing the completion of the blue armies with this lot to be honest. I'll need at least one more regiment of foot and heavy cavalry, but I have set my eyes on other sets so that has to wait.


  1. Those figures paint up really well, don't they - and form a nicely animated unit. The horse colour is a type of bay, by the look. With the same basic colour you could paint the mains and tailes the same, or some kind of creamy colour (or anywhere in between) and have a 'chestnut' horse. Not a bad idea to throw in three or four of these by way of variety. But then, the commander of this particular unit might have sought uniformity in having bays exclusively.

    1. I was looking for alternative ways to paint horses and thus I went with a uniform colour for all. Suppose the local breed has only bays.
      The next horse unit I painted will consist of greys only.

  2. I zoomed in and looked at these troops, and they are painted top notch, Andrew.

  3. I think you have done a cracking job, zooming in does reward the reader with some great pics