Jun 28, 2013

July worklist, Project Revision and welcoming new readers

With my budget cut (I need to spare money to survive) this month is mainly about repainting.

So far I have started working on the Zvezda Winged Hussars (undercoat, white, red pennants, horses) and glued the Mars Polish infantry on plastic caps.

I'm going to strip the Zvezda French cuirassiers and Lancers and repaint them (as they were - for Jackewlinese units, but with better execution). Guess I'll bring them back to the dorm and work on them here - the only trouble is about transporting brushes. Any good tips how not to damage them (besides putting them behind my ear or holding them with my teeth)?

I may also rebase - and paint my Jackewlinese steampunk figures (from the Strelets WWI KuK set). The problem is they need to be fixed on the bases beforehand as the plastic thingie below their feet is cut off. This probably means I'll have to paint them together with the base.

Then it comes to reading - besides the effort to have myself prepared for the next term (figured I'm good at extracting knowledge from books to notes) I shall indulge in reading Jomini's and Clausewitz's books on war theory, finish Scott's Rob Roy, Joyce's Dubliners and read some dramas by Shakespeare.

I lag behind with saying 'hi' to four new followers, in alphabetical order:
Abwehrschlacht (took a while to get it right)
Envoy (fellow Hungarian, no blog on your public profile?)
With them the follower count is above 75 which is quite grand really. I still feel I don't comment enough on others' blogs though.

Back in March I made a poll to help myself out choosing which parts of history should I focus on. The results were 1/72 Imperial Romans and 15mm WW2 Ostfront. For the latter I have produced a series of vehicles (partly thanks to fellow blogger Loki) and even managed to play with them, adapting the existing homemade rules to the challenge. Nothing of the Romans though as I switched to Renaissance (Polish Commonwealth) and some 28mm Nappies. I plan to change this in the next half of the year. 


  1. hi to you, Andras.
    thanks and welcome to you on my blog!
    about brushes, have you though about using a pen case?
    hope to be useful.

    1. Thank you. Well that's a good idea and I've got a spare one but not sure the brushes will fit.

  2. When I bought a couple of brushes back at home, some of them had a transparent plastic cylinder to protect the tip. Some others did not have such, however I solved the problem - there were some such cylinders lying on the bottom of the brush tray, probably as spares, from which I took some.
    Maybe you could ask for such items from an artists' shop?

    (Shameless self-ad ON: thanks for welcoming me, I got a blog which I am now trying to restart. Tried to fix my profile so now it should appear in it - if not, please visit csomopont.blogspot.hu, you'll be much welcome! It's in Hungarian however I shall see if I can produce some quality content I will start and English page as well + there will be photos on my projects. Shameless self-ad OFF.)

    1. That's a good idea too, I'll look into it.
      Following your blog now.

    2. Köszönöm, örülök neki! :)

  3. I'd really like to see those steampunk figures. Poverty is a real bite in the arse, especially when everyone on the blogosphere is getting loads of expensive stuff in from Kickstarters. I can't imagine getting 200 plus mini's in the mail all at once.

    1. You will see them in due time :) Now the Poles are taking on all my painting hours. Hopefully my plastic heap will keep up until the next payment. This is something we all suffer - before getting a proper job, there is enough time but no money, when we have one, more money but no time to paint.