Jun 23, 2013

Essex 15mm TYW figs still for sale.

This is the last time I brag about the 19 Essex Miniatures metal figs on the pages of this blog (mainly because I am currently out of other post material). They are for sale, 12£ for the whole lot or 4£ for a single pack (as sold) + P&P:

  • 8x Musketeers w/ Apostles
  • 8x Heavy Pikemen 
  • 3x Mounted Command in Buff Coats, including commander, flag bearer, trumpeter.
They're all based individually on coins. If you want to rebase them, you can have the out-of date small coins (1HUF coins are disabled for years now) too.

There's a bunch of more detailed photos here: Post, Post2

This is the last call on the blog, if noone is interested I'll advertise them on local forums.

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