Jun 30, 2013

Martian Rebellion Campaign Ep. 2. - Zaqasdari Incursion

The united Martian-Terran fleet has to cope with the xeno threat. The battlefield is kind of 'hard terrain' with a large asteroid field and an ancient shipwreck occupying the centre. 

The Zaqasdari have a slight disatvantage in points which they make worse by moving in linear formation. The opposing fleets station on the two sides of the asteroid field and plan to launch their fighter squadrons throughout the field impassable for larger units.

Two small notices before continuing: first to welcome Warlord Paul, the 77th follower, and to tell I am not entirely sure I will be able to finish this campaign because I plan other uses for the Lego material involved - an Age of Sail naval game along the lines of One Page Fleets. Working on some terrain right now, well perhaps I could scratchbuild some ships too.

Big yellow bird rushes forward and takes a hit.

Larger scale fight begins on the left guarded by the Martians.

And the same is happening on the right - an allied destroyer is damaged and left floating.

With massed fire the Zaqasdari quick cruiser is beaten down.

Fighters and bombers are deployed and move through the asteroid field.

Stunned after two hits the Zaqasdari cruisers now cannot move and with the shipwreck they make an immobile wall, preventing their own allies to enter the fray...

Fighter squads score hits on the left flank.

I made this out of a DVD holder piece to determine where the rear shields are... There they are.

Zaqasdari right flank looks pretty bad.

The good ol' Pappenheim is damaged badly again. This class may be replaced if they will be so unlucky.

After the right flank unit surrender with heavy losses the rest of the alien fleet retreats.


  1. Thanks for the welcome! Awesome idea to use Lego this way too.

  2. Fecking awesome use for Lego, great stuff and takes me back and maybe forward.

  3. You know I love this Lego stuff. So much fun. And switching to a new game? Looking forward to it!

    1. Thanks, encouragement matters and I'm already into making jungle trees and islands!