May 4, 2013

Naval campaign - Episode 5. (Finale)

Ep. 4 is here.

Turn 32-3
Another Imperial fleet showed up. The routed Rebel cruiser reached Fleet Yellow and gave a detailed list of Rebel units inside Ingre Harbor. Yet the Imperial admiral was hesitant and instead gave order to wait for Fleet Grey 2 to arrive and launch a cooperative strike.
The Rebel fleet, however, moved out to strike them down.

Initial setup. The Imperial left flank is protected by mines.

The Rebels charge right in. Two destroyers attempt to defend their carrier from enemy cruiser fire; those are busy enough fighting the Rebel heavy ships anyway.

The Imperial destroyer squadrons wreak havoc between their Rebel counterparts but losses are high on their side too.

Two Imperial and one Rebel cruisers are sunk.

Intense aerial combat around the Rebel carrier.

The Imperial lines are broken and the Rebel fliers are raining lead on their carrier.

The Imperial destroyers' advance is finally stopped by the co-operation of Rebel divers and destroyers.

The Imperial quasi-flagship, the carrier is destroyed and the rest of the fleet gives up at this point, sounding retreat.

Summary: Second Battle of Ingre Harbor
I: 1 Battlecruiser lost; 1 Heavy Cruiser lost; 1 Engineering Ship lost; 5 Destroyers lost; 1 Carrier lost; 1 Light Cruiser, 1 Destroyer routed; 3 Destroyers, 1 Light Cruiser captured
R: 1 Medium Cruiser lost

Rebel losses were minial, while Fleet Yellow 2 has perished. If the Rebels can now strike at the Imperial main base, the campaign is done for.

Turn 34-5
Fleet Grey 2 moved out of bay. The Rebel fleet joined the 3 destroyers stationed at the nearby rig. The two fleets were in sighting distance, but seeing the Rebel's course the Imperials decided to return to their port.

Turn 36
The Rebels were at the enemy base. The Imperials fought for survival.

The lack of Imperial heavy ships is too obvious.

The clash of arms sounds on the high seas as the two fleets fall on each other.

And destruction begins: while it manages to destroy any units around her, the Rebel flagship is sunk by Imperial fliers... The dogfighting in the air is even more deadly than in the previous battle.

Not as if the Imperial situation would be so shiny, suddenly there are divers everywhere around their carriers...

The Imperial cruisers strike again but don't count for losing the fight in the air.

The cruisers are stopped to a bloody cost but with this the fight is over. The Rebellion has reached freedom - and is on the verge of financial collapse. Those ships must be founded!

Summary: The Final Battle
I: 1 Carrier, 1 Heavy Cruiser, 2 Light Cruisers, 4 Destroyers destroyed; the rest capitulated
R: 1 Battleship, 1 Light Cruiser, 5 Destroyers destroyed; 1 Destroyer routed

This campaign was the longest (well I have played only two so far), although, due to limited movement, its almost 40 turns were done in three days together with the battles (the reports seen above are from March 30). Since then I have found about OPF or One Page Fleets which may handle combat a wee better with alternate movement (player 1 moves one ship, player 2 moves one ship and so on) and multiple types of die. To these the answers will be found soon with the start of another Lego campaign, the more complex Martian Rebellion (another rebellion you say?), for which the combat system used will be OPF and the campaign elements will be taken from the homebrew Inter Arma. This campaign will also feature multiple factions and smaller units for easier handling. Stay tuned!


  1. I was upset when the Rebel flagship got destroyed, but they prevailed in the end, so I'm okay with that.

    This is so cool and it's a game I could play on my own and really get into. I did use plastic soldiers to fight battles when I was a little girl. There were no rules and casualties were heavy. I usually ended each campaign with the water hose though. I'd secure the nozzle of the hose between two rocks, aim it at the battlefield and let her rip. Whichever side had the most men left on the battlefield after that was the winner.

    1. Thank you for reading, well there must have been sacrifices. Regarding toy soldiers, the water hose is a deadly weapon. I used a small catapult which could shoot rocks and marbles and whatnot and it could fire across the whole room.

    2. Marbles, now why didn't I think of that.

  2. interesting, very interesting. the imperials never seem able to win though. I think that their strength may have been a bit lot, but maybe that reflected the situation. great AAR and a nice campaign.

    1. Thank you. It was up to two factors: bad tactical decisions and the dice not favoring them!

  3. Great write up and a great use of Lego :)

    1. Thanks for checking it out, more lego will be posted soon.

  4. You are The Man when it comes to gaming with Legos. Sure does bring back memories of fun days of solo battle fighting with plastic soldiers in the yard. Great read and presentation, Andrew.