May 5, 2013

Inter Arma large scale skirmish - fight for the mine

With the mercenary contingent I now own a decent size (painted) TYW era army. These guys now battled the Turks for a gold mine somewhere in the Hungarian border. The Turks had a gun while the European infantry was reinforced with two cavalry units on the flanks.

Due to some bad luck (it usually comes down to that, in form of poor dice rolls) the Turks got beaten, however the European force had a good deal of losses. It seems that, to earn some balance, more guns are needed to counter cavalry. It also didn't help that the Janissaries had no pikes and the pikemen were armoured so didn't die too easily.

Closing scene with the right flank of the cavalry occupying the mine - Jürgen von Bekkön and his musketeer detachment guards the bridge so no Pagans could enter.


  1. Must have been nice to get these on the table. Has it got you itching to paint more?


    1. It was the first larger pike&shot battle I played besides some swashbuckling earlier. And yes I will paint a few more, as I said in the previous post it's mostly TYW stuff I want to buy this month.

  2. Nice painted figures and pictures! Thanks for sharing!