May 3, 2013

May Wishlist

Finances are a tad low these days as payments are late. Once everything's cleared up these are the few things I intend to buy:

Pike&shot stuff, mainly from Mars:
  • Imperial cuirassiers
  • Polish 'European' infantry or whatever they are called, there is a little confusion about this set but does just well for a generic warband.
  • Scots mercenaries
The reason behind this is watching the 'Deluge' movie and being caught up by the atmosphere and a lot of Mount&Blade lately. Now Mars makes some very unique sets but their quality is not the one I used to with Zvezda/Italeri, hope a good paintjob will only make them look better. Should wait for some till my birthday. 
I'm saving up money because I won't get any during summer except the lot I earn and I want to buy a new laptop.

If those do not work out however I'll buy some Forged in Battle 15mm WW2 infantry (namely Russian and German rifle platoons for starters). And maybe for some diversity the long promised Imperial Romans.

In the meantime I've set up a bunch of Lego space fleets to recreate the times of the Martian Rebellion. I played that game with cardboard ships and stuff about 10 years ago, and now, as the very extravagant Chinese dice have arrived, I have the opportunity to expand this to a campaign.


  1. I understand about the tight finances. I've got some things delivering from a Kickstarter and the Vikings from Loki, but right now I'm on a spending "freeze"

    That leggo game you did was so cool last time. I want to see you do a campaign.

    1. I could spend more but I'd rather be careful. In comparison to '12 I hardly spent money on the hobby this year.
      I've still got to finish the lego mini-campaign, more exactly post the last decisive battle.

  2. Shame about the finances, I'm on a bit of a "can't buy anything else" trip at the moment, but...........