May 21, 2013

A not so glorious return

Grief is slightly suppressed by failing my first exam. Nothing to be worried about I hope. On the other hand it's my best term so far with grades that could be translated to four As and two Bs (?). Signing the last one the teacher mentioned in Arab schools the '0' is an A (wat), the class being 'Political Theology of the Islam'. Cool guy.

On to my dear hobby. This time I seriously promise myself not to have any expectations towards Hungarian hobby stores. Nor make any 'want to buy' lists or wish lists, because I never, ever buy the stuff I include in those. Perhaps it would be best if I made a list with everything but the items I want to buy and then I would succeed.

So in the May Wishlist post I said I'm buying Mars 1/72 TYW figures. At this point my dear readers might have figured out I did not. I bought instead a box of Orion 1/72 Cossacks (the last one in the Drum&Flag shop apparently) and a box of A Call to Arms ECW artillery, both from ebay as the lately much scorned Hungarian stores are nearly empty. My European artillery is essentially non-existent at this point but alas it will change as soon as the package arrives through the high seas.

I have bought paints, too. Painting TYW/Renaissance units had seen my brown and grey (that is, black and white) paints being emptied - perhaps for the Imperial forces I should use lighter colors. I replaced these (black and white with cheap hobby store paints and brown with Revell Dark Earth), bought a can of Revell matte black enamel paint (to mix with varnish and make quickshade) and a lid of acrylic varnish which I use on bases to fix sand and static grass. Sadly this is otherwise too glossy and cannot be mixed to make a quickshade so I still need the Revell enamels.

Further acquisitions I intend to make tomorrow will be a fair amount of plasticard - these will be the basic material for a bunch of movement trays as I am simply too tired to move individual figs in large scale skirmishes; and some pine sticks for buildings. I have another post full of terrain pieces coming up.

I will also try some 2D painting to make a new, bigger background for my little photo studio as the units tend to outgrow the usual green&white paper sheets.


  1. Sorry to hear about the result but hopefully it won't affect the overall result you're looking for?

    1. Hopefully it won't, if they will make a second exam of that class. God knows if they will.

  2. Hang in there, you'll make it!