May 23, 2013


Some unexpected troubles came in the way of the painting progress, oder all things hit at once.

  • I forgot the paints I bought in the dorm. 
  • This is not so devastating, but for the scratchbuilt houses part I'd need the Revell Dark Earth as a generic brown. And the ACtA ECW artillery box has arrived, for which again I'd require a lot of brown especially that I mix the buff colors and whatnot out of it.
  • It IS devastating because I can't work on the backdrop for my mini-studio.
  • Also the battery recharger thingie is lost so apparently I can't make any photos.
  • I came to the conclusion that my knowledge of geometry is dusty to say the least, and I can't count either.
  • This involved an above average quantity of cursing while working with plasticard. Plasticard is pricey.
  • On the other hand, I figured that a heated scalpel cuts PVC like butter which eases the progress of cutting circular holes to movement trays. This I wouldn't try with cardboard or similar materials.
  • Further exploring my vast knowledge of geometry, creating a complex movement tray failed (the original idea was to make one that could be changed from 3x4 to 6x2 or 3 ranks to a 2 ranks, well it did not work).

This leaves me with 6 undersized cavalry trays done, one 4x3 slot infantry tray (supposedly for pike), and the ECW/TYW artillery pieces assembled and undercoated. Weather sucks and I'm in a bad mood after all of this.


  1. This can happen mate, just a bump in the road!

    1. Hope it won't take too much energy to take over it.

  2. Probably we all have been run over at some time or other by a steam-roller! I get up, blow my nose, dust myself off, take myself to lunch, and get back to it. You are a survivor, Andrew. No doubt about it, Sir.

    1. Rest and relaxation, and a good wine. Good idea.

  3. All of this can be remedied; a good wine is definitely a great place to start.

  4. tis but life. as I came up with earlier...

    ... life is beautiful! if she was a woman she would be the most beautiful of them all... But she would have a massive wart because My life is crap.

    there you go I hope that cheered you up.