May 16, 2013

More Lego goodness

I just bumped into this exhibition on Sunday when going back to the dorm, then it was mostly model trains and railroads. I returned today, and this time, although the entry fee has been raised as well, there were Lego pieces only.

Based on actual Hungarian trains mind you. And they move around the table.

Cityscapes with a 'brick store'

More trains.

Huge battle scene with 'Knights' Kingdom'

Can you spot the ogre?

Normandy dio, pretty inventive. 

Non-zoomed shot of the same.

A ton of not too sharp Star Wars shots, this is from Ep. 3 with the swordfighting between Obi-Wan and Vader.

Battle of Endor, this one was a huge table.

The Imperial death machine.

Mos Isley table with a sand crawler.

Tons of details but that's mostly due to the specific sets.

The Millenium Falcon and Jabba.

Battle of Geonosis from Ep. 2

Bit more peaceful, more cityscapes.

A huge cargo ship and some firefighting.

My disappointment for not seeing non-lego tables was quickly gone. I picked up some hedges from the model train shop's stand and took their address which is apparently close to the dorm so I might be getting a few pieces of scenery from them. 


  1. Fabulous, love the Star Wars stuff.

    1. Now that the 7th episode is coming I bet it'll be even more popular. Pretty huge tables though.

  2. Replies
    1. That one's well thought out but I wonder what would Tiger tanks actually do if they were there like on the dio.

  3. The whole display is amazing. Thanks for the tour.

  4. wow great stuff! the star wars stuff is nice but so is the city stuff and the Normandy dio! really quite good all round.

  5. Hola
    Fabuloso,que escenas mas bonitas
    P.D.lo siento no se ingles,lo mas el traductor de Google
    un saludo

    1. Hope you understood the better part of it my friend!

    2. Si se entiende,no es un mal traductor
      Y ya estoy acostumbrado para compartir con compañeros de los diferentes blog
      Un SALUDO