Mar 16, 2013

Zvezda 1/144 aircraft

IL-2 on the left, Ju-87 on the right. These are from the Zvezda 'Art of Tactic' fast build boxes. And they are truly fast to build, plus relatively cheap; no trouble with painting either. I painted the transparent plastic parts too on these with a good result. 

The dreaded Stuka. The boxes are supplied with these black base sort of things, very useful. The base forms three sides of an Art of Tactic hex.

The tail wing was troublesome to fit and the main wing and the hull needed some superglue but otherwise it was done in less than 15 minutes. Oh and I hate decals and it's been at least 5 years since I used any, so don't blame me on that.

For the Sturmovik I used a camo pattern found somewhere on the net, not sure how authentic it is. This kit comes with either wheels out or pulled in, for the flying version this seemed more fitting. No trouble assembling this one.

Here's another shot, the blue cabin windows work well I guess.

Captcha from the comments is now removed. Next up the batch of Panzers I painted.


  1. Very nice painting, Sir! IMO your painting technique gives to the viewer a "long distant well used" appearance. I like them a lot.

  2. Nice paintjobs they look great. I'm to clumsy to buy model planes they would be broke within a week of me building them!

  3. Great looking planes, very nice work!

  4. Lovely paintjob, after seeing these I'm tempted to paint my own.


    1. Thank you. Try them, they're good quality.