Mar 15, 2013

Poll ends + Acquisitions

The poll has closed with the following results:

  • 15mm TYW 6 
  • 15m WW2 Eastern Front 10
  • 28mm Dark Age 8
  • 1/72 Imperial Romans 10
  • 10mm, 1/72 Risk & Tricorne era 2

Many thanks for all who voted. According to what I said, this means the first two, in our case 15mm WW2 and 1/72 Romans will be the 'winners' I'll be working on.

Now that  money has arrived I've quickly spent it on a bunch of items.

  • 5 cans of Revell acrylics and 2 cans of matt varnish
  • Placed orders on a box of HäT 28mm French and one for the Alban Miniatures Sharpe personality packs. Both has been shipped now and may arrive next week if Hermes smiles on us.
  • Bought 5 Art of Tactic pieces, including a Ju87, a Sturmovik, a Panzer II, StuG III and a T-26. The Panzer II is really small.
A long weekend is coming, planning to finish the horses started earlier and do the little tanks and planes, then game with them.

Note that captcha is still enabled but for the next post I will remove it.


  1. Looking forward to seeing the fruits of your spending as well as the poll results


  2. Awaiting your paint magic!

    1. Magic it is! I'm already deep in the work.

  3. I knew my pick wouldn't win. Everyone loves 15mm around here. I need to start a massive contest with epic prizes for a 25 to 32mm figures being painted.

    1. 15mm suits my wallet better I have to admit. It is really up to one's personal taste only.