Mar 18, 2013

Zvezda 1/100 AFVs

These vehicles are, again, from the 'Art of Tactic' range made by Zvezda. Quick assembly plastic models: a Russian T-26, and a German Panzer II and StuG III.

The Germans. This shot was taken earlier the day and light isn't that good. Still trying to configure how to take better shots.

I love working with grey, it's easy to drybrush and shade. These guys had been undercoated, block painted grey, then had two lighter tones of drybrushing, after that came the tracks and some weathering on the lower hull and wheels.

I'm afraid the dirt become too bright, almost orange but it seems fine now.

The T-26 had the same painting procedure with green, instead of adding white I added yellow to achieve an olive-ochre type of hue.

The T-26 and the Panzer II both consist of 5 parts only. It took 10 minutes to cut them off the sprue and assemble both of them. 10 minutes.
I'd also like to note that the PII's guns (both the cannon and the MG) broke off at least 4 times, but this is the only fault of the thing. 

Here's the whole collection so far. Worth buying a few, but I'll need to add some later war ones (Panthers, Tigers, IS, t-34/85 etc.) which will or will not be the PSC ones. I'm not even sure when will I buy infantry for them. Also thinking of some Land Lease British tanks for the Russians.

Here they are engaged in a fierce battle. I played the Germans and lost, but managed to knock out the KV-1 at the first hit.


  1. Hi, Andrew. You've done very well! I particularly like the StuG in picture #4. Super effective drybrush aging, and the mud and other gunk on the treads looks real to me.

  2. nice work! they are cool little tanks.