Mar 27, 2013

Rifles and foes, with lights added

These were done the last day, took about one hour per fig. The main problem is the matte finish, it is too glossy for me. They were not easy to paint I tell you but looking at the end results it's totally worth it. 

They are the two 95th Rifles personality packs manufactured by Alban Miniatures.

Slowly walking towards the sunset. I did not order decals but painted the stuff.

It is the 4th day of constant snowing here, something you wouldn't expect in March. The pros say it's the Arctic ice melting, somehow I knew they'd blame it on global warming sooner or later; all in all this means there is almost no light to take photos and I suffered a lot until I finally decided to use the flash of the camera... I know, genius.

Oi, forgot to add the news and redirect some hits to pimp one's blog: Ian's The Blog With No Name is holding a precious giveaway, go there and see if you hadn't already. 

Behold the good guys: one officer with a huge sword who used to be a Sarge one day...

One Irishman with a seven-barreled volley gun...

One ex-poacher and the best marksman around...

And the smartass who one day drank too much.

And here are their fierce enemies. This is still the previous batch of the HäT figs, the rest remains undercoated and I added some greenstuff magic to one to have an NCO in the game. Until I gather willpower to finish them (and I want to run a game before that) one of these will have the role of NCO. These shots give them more justice than the previous ones.

Backpack magic again. I played with the idea to add a spare French pack to one of the Riflemen.

The faces are a tad small though. I also realized the same figs are produced in 1/72, now which was first the hen or the egg?

Size comparison, the Alban fig looks smaller but I believe it's partly due to the different pose and the Chasseur's shako and plume.


  1. Nice work, Looking forward to getting some figures with Volley guns with the EotD Kickstarter :D

    1. Thank you. Pretty sure they are effective if you can bear with the kick.

  2. Keep on working, great job!

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    1. szakibá mi, te rákos kretén? mindennap kapja a kurva poszt a hiteket meg a rákkommentet, gratulálok, sikerrel jártál, anyád is biztos büszke rád. állítsd rá a szarszopó robotjaid a saját degenerált szakibázisodra.