Mar 29, 2013

Naval campaign - Episode 2.

See the previous post here.

Turns 8-9
Now if Fleet Yellow wanted to move along, could not do it without a fight. They had to secure their 3rd rig to the south-east, but also secure their base of operations. Luckily enough the Rebel main fleet set its course back to Western End and did not bother capturing the third rig.

Turn 10
The Imperial fleet moved out of harbor and set up attack formation out of the reach of the Rebel coastal batteries near Western End. The Rebels moved out with full force to meet them.

The two fleets approach each other.

The Yellow battlecruiser and the Rebel battleship aim for each other.

An Imperial cruiser is sunk, aerial combat begins.

The Rebel left flank takes heavy casualties but so do their enemies.

The Rebel divers take a clear shot of the Imperial light carrier. The blockade breakers on the Rebel right charge forward.

The Imperial flagship is stuck between two heavy Rebel units. It could use its railguns and destroy the Rebel cruiser before being sunk.

Summary: The Battle of Long Reef Island
I: 1 Battlecruiser lost, 3 Medium Cruisers lost (1 captured); 1 Light Cruiser lost; 1 Engineering Ship lost; 1 Light Carrier lost; 3 Destroyers lost
R: 1 Heavy Cruiser lost; 2 Destroyers lost; 1 Blockade Breaker lost

The Imperial fleet, using its remaining fuel, retreated to its port. The loss of the heavy cruiser did affect the Rebel morale a little, but the overwhelming victory compensated  for it.


  1. The Imperial fleet took a real beating. This was a good batrep. It was concise and I could understand what was taking place, which is something that is often over my head.

    1. That they did, glad to hear it was clear all during the game. The next battle is all over confusing though, you'll see.

  2. As Anne said a good batrep and conclusion.

  3. very cool. nice game! I think that I should also do something like this. though perhaps at a smaller scale. with LEGO of course, its a great product and it means you can have many different types of vessels.
    awesome I cannot wait to see what you do next!

    1. Thanks, I bet smaller scale would not be a problem. This is a ton of lego you see there, hoarded through the ages.

  4. nice batrep mate, good use of the kits as well

  5. Imaginative modeling and go solo game well presented.