Mar 26, 2013

Naval campaign - Episode 1.

Turns 1-3

The Rebel feet assembled at its southernmost base of operations. The Imperials were soon aware of their presence and sent a unit of 9 frigates and destroyers to the Western End rig.
A strike force of 3 divers, a medium cruiser and 9 destroyers (plus an engineering ship) attacked the rig in hope of capturing it.

Rebel strike force.

The tower.

Imperial Fleet Yellow's destroyers divided to three squadrons.

One of the bigger destroyers is soon sunk...

The dice gods are cruel and the rest of the squadron flees.

The remaining two squadrons lose another 3 ships. This is how it ends.

Conclusion: Battle of the Western End rig
I: 4 destroyers lost/captured
R: 1 destroyer lost

Turns 4-7

The Imperial Fleet Yellow did not move out of its base. The main Rebel fleet with the heavy units, however, launched northwards, removed a mine field and captured the rig which was the connection between Fleet Yellow and the Imperial main base.
Meanwhile at the Western End the Rebel crews managed to repair the four enemy destroyers and sent them on a recon mission towards Fleet Yellow's base. They successfully mapped the mine field and noted the enemy ships' situation and their power.
The Rebel main strike force proceeded to capture another rig, completely cutting off communication lines with the Imperial main base.


  1. Those leggo ships are so cool. Looks like a fun time!

    1. Thank you, it was. There were two more battles fought and the winner of the campaign is not yet decided.

  2. wow that was cool. I also agree with Anne those are some amazing ships

  3. I like everything; but, the platforms/towers out in the ocean...oh yeah baby!! Nice going, Andrew.

    1. Thank you. That one's very fragile but a piece I'm proud of.

  4. That's an excellent idea with the ships but the tower is really amazing.

  5. That reminds me of schoolboy days in which I used 'Betta Bilda' bricks to create battleships that looked quite a bit like your LEGO vessels. These bricks were made of a hard plastic that lacked the sort of 'stickability' of LEGO, and so incurred very satisfactory amounts of damage when struck by marbles (these had to be projected by thumb, in the same way as in marbles games, and not thrown).

    I don't recall fighting fleet actions, though: limiting our games to single ship duels...

    1. Oh that works very well with lego too, it is actually more fun if the vessels can take up more damage. That is how I play Age of Sail ship duels.