Mar 25, 2013

Going naval

Illustration only. Sadly. Imagine all the boom.

This week, besides finishing an essay early (of Sun Tzu for the class 'Chinese Law', not as serious as it sounds), painting more stuff (some dark fantasy vikings are waiting to be based, oh how I hate basing) and some other minor chores I still have plenty of time. 
This is how the idea to dive into the blue sea came - out of boredom. I've built approximately 60 Lego ships in two days. No, nothing spectacular. The story involves a Rebellion against the Imperium's taxes and suppression in the far western edge of the known world. Oi, it's for fun so no huge lore behind this. While the rebels have, at the beginning, a bigger fleet (at least in numbers), better positions and no immediate threat to face, the Imperials have unlimited reinforcements coming from their capital if needed.

This is the area map randomly generated by Hexographer. Had to link the seas together at some places and place infrastructure. The rules used will be the trusty Inter Arma DIY book's different additions, including the ones for campaign and armored combat.
Blue ships are the Rebel fleets, the Imperials are marked with black. Hexes marked with X are mine fields of which only their possessors know, and the opposing fleets must spend two turns clearing. Cities, coastal batteries and terrain features are pretty evident. There are also oil rigs on the sea, these could be used to resupply fuel for the fleet. One fleet can run 10 hexes before refueling.

Well looks like there's fun on the horizon again, despite the snow (at the end of March... hadn't happened since at least 10 years). 

Sidenote: The Alban 28mm figs have arrived in a not so neat packaging today (regular envelope with bubble wrap) but luckily no incidents happened, they are really nice and needed minimal work on mould lines (this was a relief after the amount of flash I encountered while working on the plastics). They almost match the HäT figures but this won't show on the tabletop I hope. May run my first SDS game this week considering how fast I finished the previous batch.


  1. This project sounds very interesting. Nice game map too!

  2. Oooh that picture is awe inspiring. And a new project in a new direction. Excellent!

    1. Yes it is! The project might be short-term but still it is something to do.