Feb 5, 2013

1st Grenadier Brigade of Frickland

Six stands of line grenadiers (black turnbacks, white breeches, gaiters, mitres) done during the weekend plus the command figs. The mitres are done with chunks of green stuff, they may be a little big but in this scale who cares? 
Just trying to take on my tricorne painting mood and had time to mess with the greenstuff. No further explanation needed.

The foot commander is converted using an infantry fig and a rider's arm with the sword. Both commanders wear the traditional light turquoise vest and some golden pieces to make them stand out. 

Forming a whole unit here. The one flag per stand is important because units need to be recognizable. In the revamped rules system each unit has Strength points per stand and these need to be kept up to date.
The Grenadier Brigade consists of 2 regiments, the 1st and 2nd Grenadiers, with 3 battalions each. The other grenadier regiments are the 9th President's Own, the 11th Südlanders and the 12th FNG which form the 5th brigade but are deployed separately.

Single line here, 6x6 cms long. Quite a frontage I say.

Posing before the freshly made barracks.

The flag is underlined with a pen then painted with a sharp brush.