Feb 4, 2013

February wishlist (or more likely 'To do' list...)

Well now February is scarce (no money to show up!), so I'm really painting what I have got left, including

  • More Risk tricorne figs, some grenadier conversions and fortress guns (see later why).
  • The Italeri knights.
  • A tricky bird.
  • 10mm buildings for Risk.
  • Trolls.
  • Anything else I find.
And talk a little about terrain and other projects, first of all I've completely re-written the Risk rules and made them more complex -the rulebook now extends to a full 6 pages. The 'Risk to Take' set featured on the Rules page is, thus, outdated (and let's not talk about the Inter Arma set which is more outdated but I will fix that soon, right after we have tested the campaign rules).
And for the risk figs, I'm going to work on a fortress similar to this:

Source: Osprey - Fortress 042 'The Vauban Fortifications of France'
Always wanted something similar and now I have enough Risk minis to actually use it. Mine won't be this detailed but it will have some nice features, and involves some Lego bricks in the creative process. The pentagonal shape was a pain in itself to work out. I will keep posting about the progress


  1. I'm interested in seeing your rendition of the fortress.

    1. Thanks for your attention, hope I won't disappoint!

  2. interesting ideas... as for Risk urr I have only played the modern Hsbro version so I have no clue what your on about but I guess perhaps I guess sooner or later I'll find out

    1. Thanks, browse through the earlier posts here or enter 'risk' in the search field, it's an earlier version of the game which has rather primitive tricorne era figures and they are very easy to paint.

    2. oh thanks for that, I see now. I guess the game has changed quite a bit then. ah well thankyou hope your fortress building scheme goes well.