Feb 7, 2013

Greenstuff Adventures 4 - Big Red Bird

More likely to keep up with the counts and not to browse back months when posting the next one entirely about greenstuff. This bird was an acquisition of my little brothers in a village faire or something similar, it cost a lot and eventually ended up between a pile of other scrap toys and cards with its beak broken. Now when I found it I knew it would have some use so put a beak back on it (this is the greenstuff part), some decor feathers on top of the head, and here it is, a phoenix or whatever you want to call it.

The eyes aren't even close to symmetry so it really does not have a profile, tried to take photos from varied angles.

Black undercoat, white drybrush (to bring out the red - red and yellow are tricky colors) then crimson basecoat, red, orange, yellow, white drybrushes in this order, it works wonders but I'm afraid the final quickshade made it too dull. 

It's going to have a part in the Inter Arma campaign I'm planning to play soon to test the campaign rules in action. It will be a corrupted phoenix (hence the wrong eye) with high level magic who makes a nest in the mountains and threatens the villages nearby... The PCs won't have a clue what they face until the very end.

P.S. the spam filter usually blocks it but this anon guy keeps commenting about his bucket trucks blog... wot mate, please leave (I know you're probably Chinese and can't read this, but still).


  1. It's pretty cool - the bird is the word. Dean

  2. Nice GS work. First bird I've seen with spiky-feathers. Like'm!

  3. Nice looking bird. and certainly it gives off an evil vibe... scary which brave knight or hero will bring down this evil beast!

  4. Very nice Andrew. I'm not skilled enough to do something like this and am impressed when I see you guys who can, do it.

    1. Many thanks. I still learn how to drybrush properly (worked well in this case) and still hate washes (almost ruined the whole thing with it) - with time, hopefully, I'll become better.