Dec 18, 2012

Playing with the new brigades

Testing the new brigades I painted in the weekend. I played the Fricklander vs. my brothers, the Crontaineviller generals,

and their fierce allies.

Dismounted combat on the right flank.

Cuirassiers dancing with each other on the left.

The centre closes in and Crontainevillers rout.

 The combat slips out of control, everyone's shooting everyone. From this time on I couldn't really follow what was happening photography-wise, because the game was playing fast and it was force on force.

The Zwetschkbad Küirassieren finally wipe out the enemy right.

In the end (two or three sessions of volleys and melees later), there were four Crontaineviller units on the table due to unfortunate rolls... Rolling 1s in a sequence is bad to your troops' morale. The Fricklander brigade lost some units too, most of them ran off the table routing. 
The simple but elegant 'A Risk to Take' rules were used for this game and it seems like they are very much playable, I'm still thinking of failed saving markers for cuirassiers and units affected by commanders because after a while it's quite difficult to keep all in mind.


  1. Nice AAR. I spot a secret weapon peeping over the edge of the desk.

  2. good AAR such a large battle area, but I guess that the smaller scale games do not need so much space.