Dec 17, 2012

One brigade a day, keeps the foes away

Yep, I've painted two Risk brigades in two days. It's not such an achievment if you look at the size and detail of the figs (about 110 painted this turn), but still, it sounds great. Above, a Crontaineviller contingent to match Frickland's might.

Two cavalry and two infantry regiments with light infantry and artillery support. All of them are basecoated white and finished with water-based varnish which dries faster but does not have a strong shading effect when mixed with black paint.

Detail on the cavalry and the cannons, I chose a quick way to do them, essentially a very thick brown wash on both.

The Fricklander brigade has only five stands of line foot and a mounted jäger regiment which can act both as infantry and cavalry.

The whole army from another angle, led by Anders von Zwetschger and Josquin de Mollendorf.

The Zwetschkbad Jägers zu Pferd, mounted/dismounted and left-over horse markers with a stylish grazing horse painted on them.

These cannons are drybrushed with light turqoise. I think the black undercoat + drybrush just works better.
We've done a small-ish battle with these, report to follow; and what else this week, oh: some tomato thieves and Primitive Panzers! Stay tuned.


  1. a nice large force. painting is decent enough besides, in gaming its the figures on the table that matter, if you do not bring the whole army because you are still painting it you are in trouble.

    1. Thanks. I really enjoyed playing with these more when they were painted.

  2. You are on another roll, Sir. Don't forget you exams!

  3. these look great with paint on them. nicely done!