Dec 19, 2012

Operation Market Garden... The other one.

Sorry for the misleading title. Well, not that misleading. This game featured our three heroes from the previous Greenstuff Adventures post, their various mercenary allies and twenty invading Jazygians who wanted to steal the tomatoes the good guys were destined to protect.

A fight is starting early in the woods, the two Reiters do quite a damage, one fires his pistol at point blank range and kills a Jazygian musketeer while the other's horse kicks and bites the enemies.

A small line is set up where the main force attacks, most of them aiming to strike at the great Count Glutemarknog. 

His companion falls wounded, but he disables three enemies with a pistol shot and a swing of his greatsword. The pikemen on his right manage to retreat a few paces and impale the attackers. Ouch!

The forest is now clear of the bandits.

Jose de Tabasco and the Jazygian leader both fall after crossing their swords.

Jürgen von Bekkön and his still-alive musketeer sidekick (the other one was shot by the single Jazygian musketeer coming from that side) must return from the wall, but they can land their bullets close enough to those Jazygians looting the bushes to disturb them. Ozgrusowoa joins and shoots another one who blocks his sight from the one looting the bush. Then said looter rolls a 1 and thus doesn't get any tomatoes.

One of the Reiters jumps his horse through the wall, fires his pistol... and misses. No, your aim isn't sure when your horse is jumping.

Finally, all attackers are disabled and they only managed to harvest one bush of the three.

The 'good guys' are partly my sculpts and the Revell and Zvezda 30YW ranges. The 'Jazygians' are Zvezda streltsi.


  1. Lots of blood shed for red-blood-toms. Your sculpts look great fighting off hungry vegetarian marauders!

    1. Thank you. After they got paid, probably they took the remaining ones and ate them. Such is life as a soldier of fortune.

  2. Nice AAR thanks for posting this up.

  3. great AAR and great scuplts! nice alround