Nov 19, 2012

Greenstuff adventures 1. - The beginnings

Post title could be one of a movie actually. Well, here we are, after receiving the solid pack of greenstuff from Australia, I began sculpting something.
First rule learned through various stages of my painting career (and which I occasionally do not hold up to) was not to rush anything. So, something relatively simple first, then advancing on higher levels, learning which tool is what for etc. Hint: I enjoyed it all along.

#1, after realizing it's not really like playing with plasticine and my huge fingerprints can actually cause a lot of trouble, I came up with this earth golem. Fantasy stuff, yes, supposedly 1/72 scale. Counts as an armored unit, it's hurling a huge rock or ball of dirt with one limb, I've yet to decide if it will have a ranged attack or not.

Here goes a welcome to 'fogsoldiers' from Fog's Soldiers blog, thanks for joining.

#2, increasing detail and a prototype of the very top secret 'Project Draco' (which is, homemade dragon army, in other words), this sleeping/resting baby dragon.

Another shot from a higher angle of #2. Got some more courage after this.

#3, one female golemist in classic wizard's attire. First time sculpting a human (with lots of clothes to cover details), it didn't come out too bad. Or is it just the painting?

The long hair increases magical abilities. Forgot to include a shot with a plastic fig to show the scale, she's a little bit smaller than a Zvezda medieval fig.

#4 or the scraps, smoke/ethereal golems. I've had a lot of greenstuff left from the earlier sculpts so I just had some more fun with them. 

#5, water golem/elemental, goes with the blue staff of the golemist or just some random hostile creature, was being silly again and just throwing a few pieces of greenstuff while working on another fig (which is not really in end state so didn't bother photographing it).

Back side of #5, watery enough? 
The inspiration for the golems mainly comes from Miéville's novel Iron Council, and the secondary ability Golemist is included in the Inter Arma fantasy appendix of my homegrown rules. 

The one figure I was working on and is still not ready is a 30YW era fig, the Swedish character I've drawn earlier, holding sword in one hand and resting it on the ground while shooting a pistol with the other.


  1. You are are on your way to Puttydom, Sir! Enjoy the journey!

  2. Nice work Andrew, not sure I'd have the skill or patience to try sculpting.

    1. Thank you; at first I was a bit nervous I'll just spoil everything but they came out pretty right.

  3. Pretty good mate. I need to get some G/S and have a go myself i've tried using milliputt but its not the best for sculpting with

    1. Thank you. No experience with milliput so I can't give any advice.

  4. Hats off to you Andrew, every time I try sculpting anything I end up with it everywhere, except where I want it!