Nov 15, 2012

All for one.

The blog's just passed 11111 views in case you'd like to know. This means such a great thing to me!
I'm going to buy a plastic sailing ship kit tomorrow to spend my spare time on while in the hostel. Also, the greenstuff (from Australia, apparently) and the sculpting tools have arrived safe and sound. This weekend would see me covered in it to the elbows.


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    1. Thank you.
      It is more exactly a student hostel. I live just as far from the capital (and the university) to make an everyday turn on public transport uncomfortable. Spend my weekends home, painting stuff, then coming back here for junk food and classes (and annoying family business... just kidding). Not sure how would my roommates handle me splashing paint everywhere.

  2. Congrats there mate and enjoy the sailing ship

  3. Well done that man and what better way to celebrate than to buy more models.

  4. Watch out for the elusive almost sticks to your fingers like superglue! Have fun!!