Nov 20, 2012

WIP - Nolisium City Guard + News

Just two shots from the finished (painting-wise) Zvezda HYW French foot figs made to be guardsmen of the Nolisium City Guard. They are fixed on coins and sand/painting/grass will be added when I get back to them. 

Another angle. Not quite sure how well the purple/white is visible, once they are complete I will include more shots with better lighting and will show the shields they wear too. 

These two posts are all I've had for this week, as I had to work about 5 hours in the weekend for an assignment then started studying for another class, this weekend I hope I'll be more productive (always the excuses). Sadly I'm in a pike&shot painting mood right now (do things like that even exist?) after playing some 17th century sessions with Cossacks, but I'd have to strip some musketeers before starting and no drain cleaner left to do that. Time to sculpt something up, perhaps.
The plastic pile is, fortunately, somehow very well reduced, only two non-complete sets remaining unpainted, and this one half above to be based plus one being painted right now, you can spot them in the right corner of the lower pic (they are the remaining 24 figs from the Zvezda Nap. Russian box). I'll soon need more boxes/containers to store my ever-expanding armies.