Oct 9, 2012

Risk Zwetschkbad Küirassieren and Fricklander foot + New blog!

I've tried the 'dipping' method on these and IMO it is more effective than using a black wash. Two bases (one regiment) of Zwetschkbad Küirassieren above.

A macro of these, not quality casts but they aren't intended for that anyway.

A tiny bit of help required, I want to add a picture to the blog header but it says I'm on the image limit, yet I can still upload pics to the posts... What the hell?

And, after removing the poll (no efficiency whatsoever), I've set up a new blog about my Cossacks Imagi-Nations which I'll start filling up with information first, then get into playing.  If you are interested, have a look here.

Tried some different colors on the horses, not sure how visible it became.

I'll have to use standards like this on each base not to confuse the units. These will be printed out and attached with a toothpick or pin.

Here are three bases (one regiment again) of a regular foot regiment. 

I think I managed the painting well despite the quality of the figs.

Macro shots.

Together with the cavalry.

And 16 more remaining on the painting tray as I've run out of varnish. Again. And they do not sell enamel (nor any kind) in the local paint store in matte - still looking for a solution.

Along with these, the Fricklander and the Medieval Tournament figs (post to come) I just managed to paint a hundred figs in one week. Cool!

And not really worthy of a diary post, this is the second half of the Italeri Highlanders. They are basecoated and I'm planning to finish them this weekend.


  1. Hi, Andrew: with the scale size and minimal detail (if my eyes haven't deceived me) of these models the painting looks fine in my opinion.

    1. Thank you. Not sure if I could fare any better on these.

  2. Very nicely done mate considering the size. Will go take a look at the new blog.

  3. They look good - especially in formation like that. Best, Dean