Oct 10, 2012

Finished Medieval Tournament

The first pack (the tournament figs) finished with shading and basing. Some change on the bases actually, I didn't use plasticine to even up the base around the plastic base of the fig as I've run out of it, tried to hide the uneven parts with more grass instead.

Knights with swords. Shading isn't that good as I wanted but looks nice enough.

The checkered ones with their lances. Didn't really want to put an extra effort to bases with sand, might change my mind later. Top quality figs and nice to paint but not sure if I'd do it again!

The third figure participating in the melee was missing (bought it used but the seller informed me about which figs are missing exactly). Time to beat each other.

And the watchers, a very fine bunch indeed. Too bad there are so few female figs in 1/72. These bases are black+light grey while the heralds and foot figs have a brown+light brown combination to make some difference. 


  1. Very cool looking game and figures. Someday I'd like to have tourney game too. Best, Dean

    1. Thank you. I'm still thinking of how to simulate a mounted duel in my homegrown skirmish set.

  2. I think they're very well done Andrew, really good work.

  3. They look great, Job well done on this set. The bases are really good

  4. I like these figures a lot. They look to have been worth the effort to me. Nicely done!